bilingual therapies

I am excited to be giving the keynote speech at the 2013 Bilingual Therapies Symposium in Costa Rica, July 18-21. My keynote will focus on how to address ethical concerns in the workplace. Bilingual practitioners find themselves at the forefront of a sea of change in how to provide appropriate services. Bilingual evaluators may be the first to raise ethical concerns in settings that continue to use traditional approaches to disability evaluations and to intervention approaches. I am bringing real situations that have happened to bilingual practicioners to share. I am hoping for an interactive, challenging, and productive discussion. Like the name of this website, we need to be LEADERS to ensure that everyone receives competent services. I am also going to share the videos Miriam Baigorri and I created for parents of children with repaired cleft palates when no speech-language pathologist is available. I am looking forward to this conference–it is one of my favorites.