soccerThe Osei-Bagyina Twi Articulation Test (OB-TAT) and the Osei-Bagyina Test of English articulation (OB-TEA) were developed by Albert Osei-Bagyina, a speech-language pathologist who practices in Kumasi and Accra in Ghana. Then a team of master’s speech language faculty and supervisors from Teachers College Columbia University, led by Catherine Crowley and Miriam Baigorri, created the OB-TAT and OB-TEA in a form that can be used by all speech-language therapists who work with Twi speakers from Ghana and English speakers from Ghana and some other African countries. The OB-TAT and the OB-TEA are available online to download for free and use in speech therapy and evaluations.

Follow the development of Twi and English articulation tests for Ghana. Read detailed video information here.