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The Osei-Bagyina Twi Articulation Test (OB-TAT) and the Osei-Bagyina Test of English articulation (OB-TEA) were developed by Albert Osei-Bagyina, a speech-language pathologist who practices in Kumasi and Accra in Ghana. Then, a team of master’s speech language faculty, supervisors, from Teachers College Columbia University, led by Catherine Crowley and Miriam Baigorri, created the OB-TAT and OB-TEA in a form that can be used by all speech-language therapists who work with Twi and English speakers from Ghana and some other African countries. The OB-TAT and the OB-TEA are available online to download for free and use in speech therapy and evaluations.

Many thanks to the OB-TAT and OB-TEA team: Albert Osei-Bagyina, Dr. Emmanuel Kitcher, Karen Wylie, Grace Sandoval, Lindsay Milgram, Jayne Miranda, Jessica Baquero, George Odoi, Bianca Alomoto, Cindy Alves, Katrina Andres, Whitney Barnett, Danielle Bonanni, Kellianne Beers, Kiera Crowley, Molly Goodman, Henry Gordon, Amy Ishkanian, Kristine Kang, Christal Katapodis, Michelle Krovlev, Madeline Lasky, Hilary Rosenblum, Caitlin Ruderman, Gracelynn Sandoval, Kayla Scalesi, Alexandra Vargas, Athanasia Vasilopoulos, Jacqueline Webb, Elana Winters, Skye MacLeod, Josh W.E. Hays, Cate Crowley, Miriam Baigorri, Pius Osei-Bagyina, Komfo Anokye Hospital, Korle Bu Hospital. Special thanks for funding and support from the Wyncote Foundation and Teachers College Columbia University.

The transcription for this video in English is below:

Cate Crowley, CCC-SLP, Ph.D: We’ve been working with Albert Osei-Bagyina, speech-language pathologist, who was trained in the United states. He works in Kumasi, at Komfa Anokye Hospital, and every Friday he travels to Accra to work at Korle Bu, the teaching hospital at the University of Ghana. there, he provides services within the ENT department. We first met Albert in our very first trip there, and he has been just an extraordinary partner to us.

Albert Osei-Bagyina, SLP: We had contact and they came here in order to help. Since then, I’ve been in contact with them. I’ve been leading them in Kumasi and Accra. Preparing them for clients that they will see. It has been very impressive, and so very good. It has been very good.

Dr. Emmanual Kitchner: He has been very hard-working, very devoted. Works throughout the day, and even late into the night before leaving. It has been a big sacrifice. He still has the energy, and the desire to help others.

Cate Crowley, CCC-SLP, Ph.D: He has created a Twi articulation test. Twi is the language of many of the people from the Ahsanti area. Last year, January 2012, we had this idea of creating the Osei-Bagyina Twi Articulation test. So, while we were in Ghana we took pictures of all the pictures that were in his articulation book then we copied them and modified them. It turns out this could also be a great English version for Ghanaians because there’s pictures of Ghanaians playing soccer, eating pawpaw, running and playing. We’re very happy. One of my colleagues over in Ghana, Karen Wiley, asked if she could have copies of it already. So, we feel that it’s going to be something that’s going to be used on a widespread basis. And we’ll also make it certaintly available on the internet for anybody who wants it.

Karen Wiley, SLP: Albert who’s the speech language pathologists who comes to Korle Bu every Friday all the way from Kumasi. For years he’s been doing the same job, and I admire him immensely because of the commitment and dedication. The support Cate gives to him in terms of his work is also really great.

Dr. Emmanual Kitchner: Thank you very much for all your ideas and all your efforts at actually supporting and actually sowing and growing speech and language therapy.