day 2 korle bu picOh hello there! Today was another busy, but amazing, day filled with many, many, exciting patient assessment and treatment sessions. We continued our therapeutic strategies with patients who had returned from yesterday and developed new strategies and assessment tools for the unique cases we saw. One case worth mentioning was an adolescent patient with an unilateral vocal fold paresis who had immediate success utilizing the various techniques we taught him!

While the groups continued to evaluate and treat patients, Dr. Crowley and 2 students attended the opening of the Stroke Unit at Korle Bu. They were included in the meeting to introduce themselves and provide any useful information to the intramural team. They also were able to view the renovated building (which looks amazing!) that began in 2009.

After we completed the sessions, we went to the Dean’s House for lunch accompanied by HALF of the SLPs in Ghana (Albert, Clement, Josephine, and Nana). Clement and Josephine revealed their experiences of becoming SLPs, while studying in the UK and returning back home to Ghana.

Then it was off to the Accra Market, where we all bought elegant kente and batik fabric. On the way home from the market, the lovely George discussed the Ghanaian flag, the colors and their significance: green (the land and its vegetation); yellow (the gold); red (the blood of the forefathers); and black (signifies Ghanaian wishes to become the “star” of Africa, and has ties to being the first sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence).

Until tomorrow!

Thanks to Melissa Roth and Henry Gordon for the post.