cynthiaToday we went back to Larabanga to see Faruk and his family. We were excited to tell them that we had raised enough money to finance Cynthia’s schooling for the next year so she could go back to her old school in Damango. This school is much better than the one in her village and would give her a better chance at getting into a government high school. We brought Cynthia to Damango with us where we were able to speak with the headmaster of her school and inquire about her returning. The headmaster gave his consent for her to start classes again so we happily began helping Cynthia buy supplies and material for a new uniform so she would be ready. Since Cynthia would not be able to travel from her village to the school every day, we helped set up room and board with a family member who lives in Damango. We also visited the Catholic Church where some of the women played traditional music for us and Cynthia was reunited with her school friends. It was incredibly emotional and we are hopeful she will keep in touch by using her new cell phone. We have much hope for Cynthia, Faruk and their mother for many reasons now.

After Larabanga, it was back on the bus for another “African massage” and many, many hours traveling south to Kumasi where we will be working for the next three days. To pass the long hours, we laid down some tracks for the TC beats. Get excited to hear them at home!

Thanks to Galadriel Sevener for the post.