May 16, 2015

After working ten hours yesterday, including collaborating with doctors and other professionals to determine whether the clients needed secondary surgery, we were ready to get started on therapy today. We determined that some of the clients were better candidates for therapy to see if it would improve their speech and others were recommended for speech to improve tongue placement before surgery. We decided on preemptive therapy so the clients would be prepared after their surgery. We saw clients with Velocardialfacial Syndrome and Treacher Collins as well as various degrees clefts and repaired clefts.

After screening hundreds of people yesterday, the 40 clients and families we saw today made it feel calm! We started by evaluating each client, whose ages ranged from a few months to early adulthood. Our main goal was to educate the parents on various techniques and strategies to elicit sounds so our hard work would transfer to the home. The Baigorri and Crowley strategies came in very handy!

The day ended with a table full of authentic Colombian food…Arepas! We debriefed about our experiences and what we could improve for tomorrow.

Hasta luego!

Chelsea and Alexandra