Afehyiapa!  We rang in the New Year by being blessed by the entire congregation of a traditional Ghanaian church in Cape Coast. 


In the morning, we explored a small fishing village, where we practiced holding babies and balancing trays the Ghanaian way.  We then took a historical tour of Saint George’s Castle in Elimina, which was an integral part of the transatlantic slave trade.  Learning the devastating details while standing in the actual dungeons was an emotionally moving experience to say the least.  We left a traditional wreath in memory of those who suffered during these events.


Afterwards, we headed over to the Aboom School for Special Needs to meet with head teacher, Mary Osei.  She brought us inside her spectacular and innovative classroom and outlined the amazing work she’s been doing for her students here in Ghana- so much AAC being used for communication and curriculum!  We look forward to seeing her again at our professional development retreat next week.


We then took a tour of the Cape Coast Castle and shopped at markets nearby.   The following three hours were spent on the bus to Kamasi, where we were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff and fed a delicious dinner!