Our third day in Ghana was spent exploring several parts of the country, including Larabunga and Mole National Park.

The day in Ghana was off to an early start at 4:45 am when we loaded onto the bus in Kumasi headed towards Mole National Park. Along our journey we made several memorable stops. The first came 3 hours into the trip when the tire blew out, which conveniently landed us in front of a local tire shop. Our next stop was a local village where we were invited by the chief’s daughter to take a tour of their living quarters. Our last stop before Mole was Larabunga where we saw the oldest mosque in Ghana. We also visited a family that our colleagues met on a previous trip, whose child had a repaired cleft lip. Finally, we arrived at Mole National Park and boarded the top of two Land Rovers for a safari. Within minutes we saw a herd of male elephants. We also saw antelope, warthogs, baboons, and other native animals. What an amazing day that gave us all a great appreciation for the culture of Ghana.

Stephanie and Chelsea