Today we woke up at the hotel within Mole National Park, where an elephant greeted us on our way to breakfast.

From Mole, we headed to a church in Damongo. The congregation was so welcoming. The priest joked that he prayed last night to God to receive visitors from America and we all laughed. Everyone was all smiles as we sang and danced together at the end of the service.

Finally it was time to start what was supposed to be a 12 hour journey back to Accra. We said an emotional goodbye to Cynthia and her family (the family of the boy who underwent cleft lip surgery and has continued contact with TC).

A couple of hours into our drive we saw a wedding taking place on the side of the road. We got off the bus and joined the celebration, dancing with the Ghanaians. The bride looked beautiful, donning a large headdress and henna tattoos. After she passed, we climbed back on the bus to continue our long journey ahead.

We ended up making the decision to break up our bus ride by spending the night in Kumasi at King Towers Hotel again. We’ll wake up bright and early at 4:30am to get to Korle Bu hospital in time for our first day of clinical work!