image Our second day of PD was a co-op of students, teachers, and directors creating academically integrative approaches.

The Director of Special Education within Ghana’s Ministry of Education welcomed the attendees. Mr. Anthony Boateng insisted on collaborative efforts to reach every child with special needs. The Unit Schools Director, Belinda Bukari, reiterated the need to inclusively involve all students while providing an environment that is physically accessible, socially respectable, and academically calibrated.

Columbia Speech Pathologists in-training assisted the Unit Schools educators to create materials culturally appropriate and stimulable across all children with special needs. The Columbia students helped the teachers realize low tech augmentative/alternative communication (AAC). Name placards with a personalized graphic, calendars and schedules, and “All About Me” books were made to elicit expressive communication through story retell. Dr. Carol Hammer and Yana Pleshivoy led the literacy campaign, while Darcy Abrams and Chelsea Sommer entertained us with a five-finger retell system utilizing your hand and wh- questions.

The evening ended with a visit by the “Pride of Korea” brass band. They rocked. Outside our accommodations, we danced to the style of African Diaspora meets Latin beat. The perfect way to unwind the day of intensive training and learning.

Peace out,