We started our day by visiting Effiduase Methodist school. The 45 minute drive to get there went by in a flash thanks to George’s Anansi stories and the musical stylings of Ryan and the Ratlings. Upon arrival, Eric and Mercy invited us into their classroom for the first day back following Christmas break. We did the morning calendar, read books, and sang songs. Then they brought us to the market with their students so we could watch the AAC market cards in action. Each student had a few cards in order to buy certain items. For example, a student might have a market card that said “Fish, 1 cedi” which she would exchange for 1 cedi worth of fish. After everyone had their items we went to meet the queen mother of the Effiduase region, arranged by Mr. Boateng as a thank you for such a lovely professional development retreat.



The queen mother and her court welcomed us in, told us stories about their culture, and provided us with drinks. We introduced our group and sang songs for them.
Next we ate a quick lunch then headed back to the hospital to see more children with repaired cleft palates for speech therapy. The kids were lovely and we’re excited to work with them again tomorrow!
Yours truly,