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This set of paragraphs, for 3 age groups, is intended for use by an speech and language evaluator or other professional to gauge the child’s understanding of spoken paragraphs.

Download: SLAM Comprehension of Spoken Paragraphs Scoring

This set of paragraphs is intended for use in evaluating comprehension of spoken paragraphs. Three age ranges are included (5-7, 8-10, and 11+) along with questions to use for each age group. At the bottom of each section, a summary space is provided for the evaluator to include strengths, weaknesses and recommendations as well as severity of the deficit as per the evaluators clinical judgment. No numerical scores are included here as these are not standardized tools. They are meant for use with diverse populations in which the evaluator should use his/her knowledge of typical language acquisition and development as well as his/ her familiarity with the student’s community and background.

Download the file through the link above or view the individual pages in the gallery below.

Adapted from Comprehension of Spoken Paragraphs (Crowley, 2015) by Georgia Duan, 2016