This course, Cleft Palate Speech and Feeding, is a 5-day program that intends to provide speech-language pathologists and parents of children with cleft palate with essential strategies and information to maximize their ability to improve speech in children with cleft palate.

The objective of this course is to provide strategies and techniques to improve the speech of individuals with cleft palate. Upon completion, students or “trainees” of this course should demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide therapy to improve the speech of individuals in this population.

Manual for the Trainer: 

  • Click here to download the Trainer’s Manual. The purpose of this manual is to provide an outline for professionals to train how to provide therapy to people with surgically-repaired cleft palates. This manual contains all of the information necessary to organize a course on this topic, including a list of materials, an appropriate order of presentation, and a detailed study plan for the treatment of people with cleft palate.

Documents for the Trainer:

Documents for the Participants:

Pre and Post Test for the Cleft Palate Speech & Feeding Institute

Presentations for the Classes:

Copies of the Slides Handouts (To Print for Participants):

Additional Presentations:

Videos and Evaluation Materials for the Classes: