Preschool Disability Video Modules

Reliability (PDE: Module 09)

In this module, Cate explains two types of reliability (test-retest and inter-examiner) in terms of standardized tests.

Critical Questions 1-4 (PDE: Module 19)

This module is the first of three presenting the critical questions: nine essential questions that must be asked in every caregiver interview during an evaluation.

Holograms Part 1 (PDE: Module 22)

This module discusses the necessary data and information that must be in every evaluation so that the administrator can feel comfortable giving the child an IEP or not.

Holograms Part 2 (PDE: Module 23)

This module sets the standard for a competent evaluation. Cate presents how to incorporate examples from the evaluation and parent interview into holograms in order to produce a quality evaluation.

Shift in Clinical Practice (PDE: Module 26)

This module explains the need to shift the clinical practice from the traditional score driven method of evaluating children for disabilities to one supported by holograms and appropriate assessment.

Conclusion (PDE: Module 38)

Now that viewers have completed the video module series and learned about the bias and psychometric flaws inherent in standardized tests, Cate asks evaluators to change the clinical practice.