Making Meaningful Predictions

Pre-SLAM (Pre-School Language Assessment Measures)

Crowley, C. & Valde, A. (2023)

This task assesses whether the child makes meaningful predictions by looking at a single illustration of a situation.  There is a dynamic assessment component to this that is described on the back of the cards. Click the buttons below to access the image and questions for your desired language.

Trial Test ACans

Trial Test BRain

1. Dog and Dumpling

2. Bike

3. Melting Ice Cream

4. Shoelaces

5. Rabbit

6. Bear on Bench

7. Pizza

8. Dinner

9. Lion at Zoo

Based on: Patterson, J., Rodriguez, B., & Dale, P. (2020), AJSLP, 29(3), 1226-1240 

Peña, E. D., & Quinn, R. (1997). Task familiarity: Effects on the test performance of Puerto Rican and African American children. LSHSS, 28, 323-332.