Grammar Fundamentals for a Pluralistic Society

This self-study course, offered for 0.5 ASHA CEUs (optional), focuses on the grammar of the dialect of Standard American English and several other common U.S. dialects of English, African American English, Spanish-influenced English, and Chinese-influenced English.

Differential Diagnosis in Preschool Evaluations: A Case Study

This self-study course, offered for 0.6 ASHA CEUs (optional), focuses on the step-by-step evaluation process for a preschool-age child: Gathering assessment data by using a variety of speech and language tasks, synthesizing an analysis, and writing the evaluation report.

Disorder, Difference, or Gap?: A School-Age Disability Evaluation

This self-study course, offered for 0.35 ASHA CEUs (optional), focuses on the differential diagnosis of a bilingual (Spanish-English) school-age child in a disability evaluation.

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate EI Evaluations

This self-study course, offered for 0.45 ASHA CEUs (optional), focuses on how to conduct quality Early Intervention evaluations according to current law and research.

NOTE: This course is available for CEUs beginning 01/01/2017.

La terapia del habla para la fisura del paladar: Evaluación y tratamiento

Este curso de aprendizaje independiente se enfoca en la evaluación y el tratamiento de desordenes del habla de paladar hendido. Este curso no es ofrecido para ASHA CEUs (efectivo 1 de enero, 2019).

This self-study course, offered for 0.5 ASHA CEU credits (optional), focuses on the evaluation and treatment of speech impairments due to cleft palate.