Download: SLAM Bunny Goes to School Cards (English)

This set of language elicitation cards and questions was designed as a tool to be used in assessing language for preschool and elementary school aged children. These cards elicit an evidence-based language sample that can be analyzed using the Guidelines for Analysis. Developed by Cate Crowley and Miriam Baigorri. Illustrated by Tina Yeung.

Crowley, C. & Baigorri, M. (2014). School-age Language Assessment Measures: Bunny Goes to School.


SLAM Guidelines for Analysis support note-taking and analysis: click here

SLAM BOOM! Cards for Teletherapy/Telepractice Bunny Goes to School: click here

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Evaluation Questions:

  1. Can you put these in order?
  2. Tell me the story of what happened? [Narrative and clausal density]
  3. Why did the bunny jump out of the backpack? [Theory of mind and inferencing]
  4. Why are some students afraid? Why are some laughing?
  5. What would you do if a bunny started hopping around your classroom?[problem solving]
  6. What was the boy’s idea? [Eliciting theory of mind]
  7. How did the mom know she had to come to school? [Inferencing from teacher on phone.]
  8. Why did she come to school? [Inferencing Mom’s role]
  9. What do you think will happen when the boy goes home? [Predicting outcomes]
  10. What is the teacher thinking now? [Theory of mind]