Ethical Practice Through Evidence-based and Culturally-responsive Disability Evaluations- ASHA 0.3 CEU Self- Study Course

Developed by Dr. Catherine Crowley, this self-study course was developed after identifying gaps between current clinical approaches to disability evaluations and evidence-based practice as well as the federal law. This course focuses on how to ensure ethical practices in speech-language evaluations. It first reviews current research on culturally and linguistically responsive evaluations using ASHA’s Code of Ethics as a lens. Then SLP Change Makers clinicians, supervisors, academics, and administrators discuss what they did in their school districts to provide ethical and culturally responsive evaluation. This course is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs. For those who do not pay for the ASHA CE Registry, this course is intended to meet three hours of professional development hours.

 This course was developed to meet the ASHA certification maintenance requirements of one hour of continuing education on ethics and two hours of culturally responsive practice.

Crowley, C., Baigorri, M., Fulcher-Rood, K., Sudler, K., Diaz, L., Naparstek, T., Smith, J., Famorcan, R., Núñez, G., Bailey, T., Katakowski, D., Ryan, J., Downey Toledo, S. (2024, Feb.). Ethical practice through evidence-based and culturally responsive disability evaluations. Available at under “online courses”

Please read the Learning Outcomes and Outline and follow the directions below to complete the self-study program.

1. View and study the Video Modules for Evidence-Based Practice in Disability Evaluations.

2. Complete and pass the Evidence-Based Practice in Disability Evaluations Online Assessment.

CEU Online Assessment Instructions

  • Click the link above to access the assessment page, and follow the instructions on the screen. After reading the introduction to the assessment, you will be taken to a page in which you must enter your required information.
  • Information Fields
    • Fill out the required information fields. This information is for ASHA reporting purposes only, and will not be distributed to third parties.
    • Entering your ASHA ID# is OPTIONAL. To receive the ASHA CEU credits for completing this course, you must enter your ASHA ID# at the beginning of the assessment. If you do NOT wish to receive ASHA CEU credits for completing this course, please enter 8 zeros (00000000). Do NOT leave this field blank.
  • Passing the Assessment
    • You will have 90 minutes to complete the 40 questions on this assessment.
    • You must answer 80% [32/40] of the questions correctly to pass the assessment. When you score 80% or better, you will be emailed a copy of your Certificate of Completion (note: Certificate of Completion is not proof of ASHA CEU credits earned).
    • After you have answered all the questions, click the » (NEXT) button.
    • You will immediately be taken to a page revealing your score, whether or not you passed.
    • You can take the assessment as many times as you need to pass it.
  • Assessment Navigation
    • Use the « (PREVIOUS) and » (NEXT) buttons to move from page to page.
    • If you click the » (NEXT) button at the end of the test before completing all answers, your assessment will be submitted as is.
    • It is recommended to use Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer to complete this assessment. Google Chrome is not a recommended web browser.
  • CEU Credits
    • CEU credits from LEADERSproject are submitted to ASHA and assessed every month. AHSA CEU credits will be awarded within 45 days of submitting them.
    • To check your ASHA CEU credits, log on to your ASHA account and view your CE Registry
  • If you have any questions or feedback, contact us.

When you are ready, CLICK HERE to begin the assessment.