Ghana PDAs our Professional Development weekend continued, we later presented on various strategies such as how to incorporate the use of a daily schedule and calendar within the morning routine in the classroom. It was awesome to hear how teachers have been using these in their classrooms. Some added physical movements to their “Days of the Week” song and displayed their own hand drawn daily schedules!

“Make and Take” allowed us to work directly with the teachers in creating the actual approaches for them to take back to their classrooms. We worked side by side in brainstorming ideas and bringing them to life. We made sure all of our materials would be replicable and sustainable in Ghana. Each teacher also went home with an “AAC Approaches Booklet” that highlighted every approach to be covered throughout the weekend to reference once they leave.

Before dinner and the evening program, a few of us and one of the clinical supervisors completed an assessment and provided strategies for one of the teachers who stammered (stuttered). Earlier in the day, he asked a question during the presentation of “What is Speech Therapy” about treatment for those who stammer because he has had dysfluent speech since he was a child. We asked him assessment questions and developed strategies based on his responses. He started using these strategies and experienced more fluent and clearer speech almost immediately. In less than 30 minutes we had helped someone who had negative feelings about his speech. The smile on his face was unforgettable.

The evening program included African drumming and dancing by a local, professional troupe. The audience was encouraged to join in. We ended the night with students, teachers, professionals all on our feet. What a great way to end such an inspiring weekend!

Thanks to El’licia Price for the post