Communication Passports

Communication passports are meant to quickly and effectively communicate “need to know” information for individuals who cannot easily speak for themselves.

(Korean) Cleft Palate Practice for K and G

(Korean) Cleft Palate Practice for K and G

Go-Mo-Ne-Ro Ga-Neum-Gil (To Auntie’s House) is part of a series of Korean language books created for children with repaired cleft palate./ ‘고모네로 가는 길’은 구개열 수술을 받은 아동들을 위해 한국어로 제작된 언어 발달 책 시리즈 중 하나입니다.

AAC Sellers Market Cards in Ethiopia

Dr. Cate Crowley and several students from Teachers College, Columbia University traveled to Ethiopia to visit the Ethiopian National Association for Intellectual Disabilities (ENAID).