Download: SLAMBunnyGoestoSchoolJamaica

Download: SLAM Bunny Goes to School – Jamaican Creole Translation

This set of language elicitation cards and questions was designed as a tool to be used in assessing language for preschool and elementary school aged children, intended for use in Jamaica.

These cards are meant to elicit a language sample that can be analyzed in the context of typical language development as well as the child’s background (e.g., educational experiences, family, linguistic and cultural background, etc.). For this reason, no scores are included here.  The cards and set of questions are included in the PDF which can be downloaded. The images should be printed, cut apart and pasted onto cardstock with the questions on the back for the evaluator to read. You can also use the cards straight from your tablet or phone by swiping through the images in the gallery below.

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Language elicitation cards developed by Cate Crowley and Miriam Baigorri. Illustrated by Tina Yeung.

Evaluation Questions:

  1. Can you put these in order?
  2. Tell me the story of what happened? [Narrative and clausal density]
  3. Why did the bunny jump out of the backpack? [Theory of mind and inferencing]
  4. Why are some students afraid? Why are some laughing?
  5. What would you do if a bunny started hopping around your classroom?[problem solving]
  6. What was the boy’s idea? [Eliciting theory of mind]
  7. How did the mom know she had to come to school? [Inferencing from teacher on phone.]
  8. Why did she come to school? [Inferencing Mom’s role]
  9. What do you think will happen when the boy goes home? [Predicting outcomes]
  10. What is the teacher thinking now? [Theory of mind]