This is part of the series of cleft palate books. The book targets Sh and Zh in Mandarin. / 《施叔叔数数》是为唇腭裂儿童术后康复撰写的普通话系列丛书之一

Download: (Mandarin) Cleft Palate Practice for Sh and Zh

Let’s Count with Uncle Shi is one in a series of books written in Mandarin for children with repaired cleft palate. The book focuses on Sh and Zh. After having a cleft palate repaired, children may need to re-learn how to make certain sounds including often the Sh and Zh. To do this, children must practice these sounds 100 times per day. This book gives children 58 opportunities to practice these sounds. The speech therapist, parent, or other adult reads lines from the book and the child repeats what the adults says with the adult listening and giving feedback.

The book can be downloaded as a pdf or it can be swiped through on a phone or tablet by clicking on the gallery below.

Written by Pen-Pen Chen & Grace Chung and illustrated by Grace Chung. Directed by Catherine Crowley.