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下载:(普通话)腭裂治疗词语游戏 (P

这个治疗游戏专注于拼音(P)。修补腭裂后接受语言治疗的儿童如果想要进步改善,应该每天练习语音100次 。有了这些治疗游戏,孩子们可以在家里自己或与家人练习!用以上的链接免费下载治疗游戏。



创作人:Diana Wang (黄兆瑾)& Karen Sung,绘图人:Jinri Kim,指导人: Catherine Crowley

This therapy game focuses on the P sound. Children receiving speech therapy after a repaired cleft palate should practice speech sounds 100 times a day if they want to improve. With these therapy word games, children can practice at home with their family or on their own! The therapy game can be downloaded for free with this link.


Begin the therapy game in the top left corner. Use a piece of paper or a coin as a game piece. Take a coin and make one side of the coin worth 1 space and the other side of the coin worth 2 spaces. Flip the coin and go the appropriate amount of spaces. Once you land on a space say that word 3 times. Have fun with this therapy game, as it is an exciting way to practice the sound with the family.

Created by Diana Wang & Karen Sung, illustrated by Jinri Kim, and Directed by Catherine Crowley.