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The AAC market cards were created in response to a desire from the families that their children be able to participate in a typical activity for Ghanaian children: buying food for the family at the market. The AAC market cards have the name and picture of the item the students are to buy for their families. The cards also have the cost; that is how much of the item the family wants the student to buy. How to use the cards has been disseminated through annual professional development retreats so they are now used by students with autism, intellectual disabilities, and cerebral palsy throughout Ghana. The video tutorials are dubbed into several African languages including Swahili, Amharic, Kikuyu, and West African French.

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AAC Market Cards Playlist

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English Version (AAC Market Cards)

French Version (AAC Market Cards)

Amharic Version (AAC Market Cards)

Kikuyu Version (AAC Market Cards)

Rukiga Runyankole Version (AAC Market Cards)

Gikomba Version (AAC Market Cards)

Swahili Version (AAC Market Cards)