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Segunda parte de la misión

We arrived safely in Quito, Ecuador yesterday and spent the afternoon exploring artisan markets and “la mitad del mundo.” We were excited to arrive in Ecuador to share the knowledge we gained in Neiva, Colombia with speech pathologists from Ecuador and...
An Unforgettable Experience

An Unforgettable Experience

  Cleft Palate Therapy Cleft Palate Therapy Group at Neiva Military Base Helicopter Rides in Neiva Being in Colombia has given us the opportunity to witness the impact that parent training has on children with cleft palate speech. We have been providing parents...

A Lesson About Love

SLP Diana Acevedo with Cleft Palate Surgeons Of all of the things that we have seen, love is by far the most prominent. From parents who travel 4-5 hours one way to come to therapy each day, to parents who are fostering children with extremely involved...

Prepping for Palates and Parents

May 16, 2015 Group Outside Hospital in Neiva Group outside Hospital in Neiva After working ten hours yesterday, including collaborating with doctors and other professionals to determine whether the clients needed secondary surgery, we were ready to get started on...
Introducción a los libros para practicar

Introducción a los libros para practicar

Cate Crowley took a group of students and professionals to provide therapy and professional development with the Healing the Children cleft palate surgical mission in Neiva, Colombia.

Healing the Children Mission to Neiva, Colombia

This year Catherine Crowley and her team accompanied Healing the Children surgical mission to Neiva, Columbia. Healing the children is not a typical cleft palate repair mission. Traditionally, a cleft palate team would travel to a developing country and do many dozens...

Building Capacity: The Cleft Palate Speech Training Project (CPPH: Module 07)

Catherine Crowley and Miriam Baigorri of Teachers College Columbia University developed the “Building Capacity: The Cleft Palate Speech Training Project” for local professionals to begin to acquire the academic and clinical skills needed to provide quality services to children with cleft lip and palate. This video shows the first program administration which was done at the Universidad de Istmo in Guatemala City, Guatemala in March 2012.