In this playlist, Dr. Cate Crowley walks Early Intervention Evaluators through critical steps in conducting an Early Intervention evaluation considering current federal law, state regulations, clinical judgment, and evidence-based practice.

In this playlist, Dr. Crowley, first looks at the legal requirements for Early Intervention evaluations emphasizing that evaluations do not require standardized test scores. She continues by breaking down some of the issues with the standardized tests currently used in Early Intervention evaluations. Dr. Crowley then discusses the Critical Questions that should be considered during an Early Intervention evaluation and how clinicians can develop informed clinical opinion to utilize during their evaluations. She discusses some important points for conducting bilingual evaluations and apraxia diagnosis and treatment.

Find resources used in this playlist here: 

The Critical Questions for Early Intervention in English

The Critical Questions for Early Intervention in Spanish

 The Critical Questions for Early Intervention in Brazilian Portuguese

The Critical Questions for SLP Early Intervention Evaluations

Module 1 Handout
Module 2a Handout
Module 2b Handout
Module 3 Handout
Module 4 Handout
Module 5 Handout
Module 6 Handout
Module 7 Handout

Find each of the individual modules here: 

Module 1- Law, Regulations and Policies

Module 2a- Standardized Test Misuse

Module 2b- Standardized Test Misuse

Module 3- Case Study

Module 4- The Critical Questions

Module 5- Informed Clinical Opinion

Module 6- Bilingual Evaluations

Module 7- Apraxia, Diagnosis and Treatment