In this module, Cate continues discussing current issues of misuse of current standardized EI assessments. She then examines across-test inconsistencies across tests like the REEL-3, the Rossetti, Bayley-III, E-LAP, Brigance, DAY-C, amongst others. Finally, Cate will take a deeper look at the validity and reliability of these common assessments, and caution evaluators to rely on more than a standard score in determining disability eligibility for children before the age of three.

This is a module series based on a series of trainings given in March and April of 2016 for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Health Bureau of Early Intervention by Catherine J. Crowley, J.D., Ph.D., a professor of Practice at Teachers College, Columbia University. The purpose of the trainings was to provide information about the NYCDOH Bureau of Early Intervention’s standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate evaluations to EIODs, agency coordinators, and evaluators in New York City.

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Module 1- Law, Regulations and Policies

Module 2a- Standardized Test Misuse

Module 3- Case Study

Module 4- The Critical Questions

Module 5- Informed Clinical Opinion

Module 6- Bilingual Evaluations

Module 7- Apraxia, Diagnosis and Treatment

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